“Protecting animal life and creating
the foundation for coexistence with humans.”

Our corporate philosophy is to protect the lives of animals and build a foundation for coexistence with humans.

From research on how animals and people can coexist in the same space, we conduct surveys and analyzes on veterinary medicine in countries around the world, and deliver a wide range of information.

Depending on the region, there are cases where wild animals have eaten crops and injured people, and have to be exterminated out of necessity.

The reality is that many pets are deprived of the medical opportunities that they would otherwise have been able to obtain due to differences in the countries they live in and economic differences.

Our philosophy is to investigate problems related to the coexistence of animals and humans, and to deliver information to solve them.

Our Strengths


Global veterinary research and analysis

We conduct research and analysis on veterinary medicine around the world. By grasping the characteristics of each region and the latest trends and providing comprehensive information, we propose the best care for owners and experts.

Providing up-to-date veterinary medical information and medicines: We always provide the latest veterinary medical and pharmaceutical information.

Personal import agency for pet medicines

We also act as a personal import agent for medicines for pets. Pet owners can get the medicines they need without worrying about complicated procedures or international shipping issues. We aim to improve pet health standards by providing safe and effective pharmaceuticals.

Our goal is to protect the health and well-being of animals while promoting coexistence with their owners.

Our Business

  • Survey and analysis of veterinary medicine around the world

    Survey and analysis of veterinary medicine around the world
    We conduct surveys and analysis of countries around the world to understand the current status and trends in veterinary medicine. Our research covers not only medical technologies and medicines for animals, but also a wide range of diseases and infectious diseases that pose a threat to people. By analyzing this information, we aim to realize a better future for animals.
  • Providing information on the latest veterinary medicine and pharmaceuticals

    Providing information on the latest veterinary medicine and pharmaceuticals
    We support the health and happiness of animals by providing information to veterinarians, owners, and other people involved with animals. We help animals receive better medical care by quickly providing information on the latest veterinary medicine and pharmaceuticals, which are often not well known. We strive to collect and disseminate information on veterinary medicine from all over the world so that animals can live healthy lives.
  • Research and Studies on Harmonious Coexistence with Animals

    Research and Studies on Harmonious Coexistence with Animals
    We are researching the ecology of animals every day so that humans and animals can coexist happily. We study not only animals raised as pets, but also animals in the wild, and by understanding their behavior, we are striving to build an optimal symbiotic environment. While working to improve the global environment, we aim for a future where animals and humans can coexist.
  • Distribution of useful contents for owners

    Distribution of useful contents for owners
    In addition to the content of animals, we also send content that is useful for owners. A lot of information can be obtained on the Internet, but it is difficult to obtain correct knowledge because there is also incorrect information scattered about. We provide reliable information on a wide range of subjects including pet nutrition, health management and behavioral training, tailored to your needs.
  • Pet Trivia Guide

    Pet Trivia Guide
    We offer a useful pet trivia guide to help you enjoy a fun and rich pet life. You can browse trivia contents about living creatures, habits, diseases, and health, such as why cats grow tall, why dogs chase their tails, and what to do when they eat something other than pet food.
  • Pet Pharmaceutical Import Agency Service

    Pet Pharmaceutical Import Agency Service
    We provide a pet pharmaceutical import agent service so that people and animals can live healthy and prosperous lives. Our import agency service allows you to obtain medicines that are difficult to obtain in Japan, such as flea, tick, and filaria control medicines, which are prescribed at veterinary clinics. We aim to be a cornerstone of symbiosis between animals and people by providing veterinary medical information and medicines.

What is a Personal Import Service?

What is a Personal Import Service?

Personal import agency service is a service that supports the purchase of pharmaceuticals from overseas. It is possible to obtain pharmaceuticals for pets that are difficult to obtain in Japan. Medicines that normally require a doctor's prescription can be obtained without a doctor's diagnosis or prescription by using a personal import agent service. Only safe drugs that have been reported to have therapeutic effects overseas are supported for purchase, so you can rest assured that you are in safe hands.

Medicines such as frequently used filarial prophylaxis, flea and tick control pills, dermatological and nasal sprays are also available

Personal import agency service operated by our company

We offer the following personal import agency services for pets

About Us

We specialize in veterinary medicine and pharmaceuticals.

We continuously research medical and pharmaceutical information from around the world concerning animals and pets to provide the most up-to-date knowledge and insights.

We also have a detailed understanding of the realities of animal ecology and pet medicine in each country, and use this information to help create a future in which animals and people can live together safely.

Our mission is to contribute to the advancement of medicine and health, and we strive to provide the best solutions for our clients' needs

Name of the company
Alward Limited
Room 105C. Blk 19. Guifang Garden, Buji. Longgan, Shenzhen, China
Our Survice
  • Research of medicine in countries around the world
  • Providing information on the latest veterinary medicine and pharmaceuticals
  • Research and investigation of coexistence with animals
  • Distribution of useful contents for pet owners
  • Pet trivia guide
  • Pet medicine import agent service
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Privacy Policy

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    Alward Limited
    Room 105C. Blk 19. Guifang Garden, Buji. Longgan, Shenzhen, China